Worthplaying Preview: NBA 09: The Inside

WP reports:

"Perhaps the highest praise I can give to NBA '09: The Inside is this: As I sit down to write this preview, I have no idea where to begin. That's not a knock on the game or an attempt to call it disjointed, disorganized or flawed, but rather a testament to just how much Sony has crammed into one UMD. The Inside is perfect for the casual basketball fan, mixing big name players and fairly deep sim action with goofy carnival games and pinball. That's right, this basketball game has a whole section devoted topinball. How many sports franchises bring that kind of action? Ultimately, The Inside succeeds in bringing something for everyone, and should provide you hours upon hours of entertainment when it debuts next month.

While The Inside offers standard pick-up-and-play games as well as a robust franchise mode, those are really just bones thrown to traditionalists; the rest of the title features experiences as diverse as quick mini-games resembling what you would find at your local Chuck E. Cheese to epic, turn-based strategy affairs that tax your tactical skills just as much as your b-ball prowess. No matter what your mood, it's hard to turn on The Inside without being able to find some game mode or variant to sate your gaming needs. This is a game that's trying to be all things to all people, and for once, it looks like it may succeed."

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