AM Show Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion Trailer

AM Show 2008 Official Trailer ...

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pp3617d ago

ps2 graphics i'll skip this game thanks

Drekken3617d ago

pp... you just say what you think will piss people off?? Because if you believe that you are blind. Compared to Tekken5 DR Online, the graphics are way better... the shadows are looking good. there is only so far you can go with fighters in the graphics department and I think they do a good job.

But then again, why am I wasting my time on you.

Freezingduck3616d ago

But yeah, I rather be playing PS2 graphic than rofl N64 graphic on a flopbox360

sajj3163617d ago

new dude character looks and plays like a [email protected]! Nice!

RemmM3616d ago

It looks like Namco is starting to be like Midway..running out of ideas hence the weapons on the Tekken characters. Midway did the same with MK.

ItsDubC3616d ago

Ya, the items are pretty wack IMHO but I like the stages. I wonder what Alisa's relation is to Dr. Boskonovich.

theKiller3616d ago

i didnt care if its a ps3 exclusive or not, because i saw that it didnt bring anything new and the graphics was like tekken 5 on ps2 and i also thought the same with this video until i saw more and realized how good the graphics but the fault was from the video quality, and when i saw the stages and the new tricks u can do and the customizations i gor really excited and i believe this game will live to its name!!

probably will be the best fighting game this generation!!

HighDefinition3617d ago

It looks WAY better than before. (even in that sh!t quality)


INehalemEXI3616d ago

It looks like since SCIV went out the door Namco is showing T6 more attention.

Doppy3616d ago

Even though the graphics aren't where I want them to be still, I must admit the presentation is extremely good.

NanoGeekTech3617d ago


I would love to see some SSX tricky remix or HD or something similiar to WipeoutHD or maybe just a remake...for Next Gen

Why o why3616d ago

SSX would be the SH!T this gen. I know EABIG are dead im just hoping that they are now named something else and they will make a new 1.

Is tekken out this year. Cant wait

dannyblue8673616d ago

what i would really like to see a street fighter EX version for ps3. That would kick a$$

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The story is too old to be commented.