Rumor - Best Buy Claims Skyrim For Switch Is Special Edition; May Support Mods

A retail listing on Best Buy Canada suggests that the special edition version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will launch later this year, with mod support included.


Best Buy Canada has removed the listing from their website.

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ifinitygamer419d ago

This would be insanely cool. I just don't actually expect it to happen, unfortunately. Realism versus optimism, I think.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan419d ago

Hmmmm, wonder how they would pull this off. Interesting if true.

-Foxtrot418d ago

Really interesting since they bitched to the high heavens about the problem they faced with Sony.

Damd_Bowsr418d ago

A. The Switch has more power than rumors have reported.
B. They sacrificed some graphic and texture for a more robust game.
C. Its been ported to run on Switch with Mods

wonderfulmonkeyman419d ago

Here's hoping, but just to play fair: if it does get mods, don't expect PC grade stuff.
It will work like the PS4, in that it will only be able to use in-game assets for said mods.

luckytrouble418d ago

Definitely. Sony is particular because they will not allow any mods that require enough resources to decrease OS functionality in a significant way.

Nintendo will be particular because they have a history of their systems being hacked wide open and are probably reasonably worried that their method of deeper mod integration may come with a flaw that allows for hackers to make their first breach.

wonderfulmonkeyman418d ago

In all honesty, that lobbies and chat app will probably be the first gateway for hackers.XD

TheColbertinator418d ago

Hope this is true. Mods enhance any game greatly and keep a community active

Pancit_Canton418d ago

The trailer that they have shown during the announcement looks nothing like the Skyrim HD or in this case "Special Edition"

Damd_Bowsr418d ago

That is also not the release version of the game.

EddieNX 418d ago

It did , it certainly looks better than the ps3 360 version

Pancit_Canton418d ago

No it doesn't. You need get your eyes check

EddieNX 418d ago

Sorry your haters opinion clearly isn't valid. BOTW looks like an early ps2 game as well?

wonderfulmonkeyman418d ago

Yeah, well you're also one of those graphics whores who thinks BotW on Switch looks like a PS2 game, so anyone who'd take you seriously on this needs their head and eyes replaced.
It looked just fine.

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The story is too old to be commented.