Has Nintendo infringed Hillcrest's patents with Wii ? Or is this a case of more patent trolling?

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) is looking into allegations that Nintendo has infringed the patents of a company called Hillcrest Laboratories with its hugely popular Wii games console.

Hillcrest claims that Nintendo has infringed four of its patents with Wii.


UPDATE - Nintendo has issued a response to Hillcrest's accusations of patent infringement:

"Nintendo respects the intellectual property rights of other companies, and believes that none of its products infringes the Hillcrest Laboratories patents. Nintendo intends to vigorously defend this action."

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zoydwheeler3593d ago

Because as a boy I once had an idea about making a magical online world where gamers could all play together as one - which both companies have clearly stolen from me. I failed to patent the idea, but I still think I have a case. Are there any IP lawyers present?

Final_Rpg3593d ago


Calcio3593d ago

Patent trolling. Stick on.

mchax3593d ago

Copyright boundaries and IP rights have blurred so much recently - i don't think there is a case here. You don't need to be a Dragon from Dragon's Den to work that out

siyrobbo3593d ago

i thought nintendo licsenced its technology from another company? if thats the case its not nintendo they should be suing, but them.

jedthehumanoid3593d ago

let me guess. This company is American? What a surprise. I sympathise with you Zoydwheeler. I accidentally sat on a burger the other day. And afterwards I suddenly thought what a good idea it would be to sell messy, squashed, disgusting, flat, squishy hamburgers. Then I heard about this company called McDonalds that's apparently already selling such a product. The lawsuit is in the post.

chanmasta3593d ago

... nice McDonalds joke, but I think the best one is the joke in Hancock. LOL! xD

Anyway back on topic, i think it's pathetic all these patents against Nintendo, all the stupid [email protected] trying to rob Nintendo's money. :(

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