However You Feel About Resident Evil 7...It's a Huge Step Up From RE6

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has reinvigorated the horror franchise and laid the memory of the troubled sixth entry to rest.

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naruga453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

i say RE 6 in comparison to this hollywood cliched trash -RE7 was a far superior game in everything ---concept art/mechanics/.gameplay .....the insect based Javo and rest were far more inspired than the stupid whatever shapeless mutations in RE7 and the retarded family .....RE 6 -we must all admit that it was super fun game though this alone doesnt make it automatically a good game ....if they had removed all idiotic COD-vehicle action from RE6 could easily be a very well made entry....

StifflerK453d ago

I've only played an hour or so but I think it's great, Mia especially, lol.
Res 7 has got me excited for the series again.

I didn't hate Res 6 outright, parts of it were decent, other parts not so much.
But it's probably my least favorite of the main series.

I enjoyed Revelations 2 a lot.

PhoenixUp453d ago

RE6 was a fun game to play through. It may not have been as scary as past installments in the franchise, but I'd rather play through a game I enjoy than something like Silent Hill: Homecoming or Silent Hill: Downpour.

Summons75452d ago

Loving it. 2 hours in before I had to work and there is just so much messed up (in a good horror way) than any other RE titles. Can't wait to see what the story brings and how this connects to the other games.

quent452d ago

What isn't , Racoon City, Umbrella Corps ?

452d ago
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