Nintendo unveils Christmas DS bundles

Eurogamer reports that Nintendo has unveiled a new range of DS hardware bundles designed to empty Santa's pockets this Christmas.

For GBP 120, he'll be able to pick up a white or black DS with a copy of Brain Training. The red DS will come bundled with Big Brain Academy for the same price.

An extra tenner is required for the pink DS bundle, which includes a copy of Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends. The blue DS package is also GBP 130, but comes with Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?

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Fernando Rocker3471d ago

The DS on the pic should be Lite, not Phat.

Erdrick3471d ago

seriously, lol. for a second i was like, oh sh!t are they releasing DS 2 this christmas? no, its just those old fat ones. bummer.

CNIVEK3471d ago

...why millions of people are duped into buying Nintendo's rehashed hardware. First they took the GameBoy Advance chipset, repackaged it with an extra (often unutilized) screen, and charged 4x the price of a GBA. Then, they do the exact same thing with the Gamecube, by regurgitating the same tech in the Wii....for 3x the price of a GC.

Nintendo sucks.

PopEmUp3471d ago

that is absolutely correct my friend

DeFFeR3471d ago

Shouldn't Santa grab some Lites? Santa, get with it old timer, those were soooooo 2006...

Wii60Fan3471d ago

Would anyone buy a Phat DS with the DS Lite out?