7 Reasons Gravity Rush is One of Sony's Best Exclusives

Gravity Rush has made the jump from PS Vita to PS4 and the second entry in the franchise proves why it has staying power among Sony's heavy hitters.

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naruga327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

i bought it day1 ......but still to play it .damn so many good games so close to each other

@PlayableGamez..agree about Kat becoming a mascot , it s an exellently designed character beautiful memorable and prototype .... also is Sony owned and they need one ...

RpgSama327d ago

Still have to buy it, I'm running short on cash right now, but it's a game I will definitely get, I got the platinum for the first one on the Vita, such a great game, super fun and didn't take itself too seriously, in this sense it reminded me a lot of the kind of games we used to get on the Original Playstation.

DashArrivals327d ago

This is the most new games I've ever bought in the space of 30 days. I've pre-ordered digitally Nioh (feb 7) and Horizon Zero Dawn. But I purchased RE7, Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush. It's crazy

ThatGuyDart327d ago

I think Gravity Rush is an ip that has much potential. I bought Gravity Rush 2 but haven't played it yet as I'm in the process of getting that Plat from Gravity Rush Remastered. If there is a sequel to 2 it needs to be even bigger and better, also Studio Japan has to implement some kind of multiplayer aspect in the game now most likely co-op.

PlayableGamez-327d ago

Very underatted game. Kat needs to be Sony's new flagship mascot. The first game surpassed my expectations by a lot.

Fist4achin327d ago

I played the first and enjoyed it. I can't wait to give the second one a try.

TXIDarkAvenger327d ago

Need to pick this one up. It wasn't even on my radar until I played the demo which was fantastic. Really unique gameplay, never played anything like it before.

DashArrivals327d ago

Yeah, once you get used to the crazy unique mechanics. It becomes really really fun.