DX9 vs. DX10 + quality settings of Crysis Warhead compared

PCGH compares the settings "Minimum" (DX9), "Mainstream" (DX9) and "Enthusiast" (DX9 and DX10). They also compare the new environment and character textures.

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centrum2k3655d ago

is the enthusiast mode like high mode or very high for the old crysis? for the old crysis i can play at high, but i heard that crysis warhead will runs better than the 1st one.

AzraelGauss3655d ago

Enthusiast is like very high I think, but you can use it on DX9 now and not only on DX10.

Rufiokato3655d ago

Compare the enthusiasist with the minimum setting and you see the ice disappears dramatically
Crysis indirectly indicates global warming consequence LMAO