Rock Band 2: AC/DC SKU Confirmed for October?

Gameplayer are reporting that an internal store itinerary for Wal-Mart has provided details on the Octover release of an AC/DC specific version of Rock Band 2. They back this up with a tracklisting of what gamers can expect.

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Chuk53593d ago

Devious strategy.Sell some copies now on 360 and market rb2:ac/dc and people will go apes***.Too genius.Hope it's true.

metalhead3593d ago

This is stupid AC/DC is just 3 chords and simple drum beats. If these ppl wanted a band specific rock band it should be "Rock Band: Dream Theater" That would be fun

elitewh0re3593d ago

while i respect people like different bands but c'mon do you think the general 'plastic guitar wielding crowd' have even heard of dream theatre? whilst it may be fun for us prog rock fans, i don't think casuals are willing to play 8+ minute songs over and over again :D