Games32: GC - Fuel - Game Preview

Games32 writes: "I was prepared to go to a game presentation at GC Leipzig without knowing anything about the game. All I knew it was that the game will be published by Codemasters and will feature some off-road races. Nothing new! And frankly at that time nobody knew too much about this new project of Codemasters. So I was pretty excited to find out more about it. Sebastian Wloch (Managing Director) and David Dedeine (Director of Production) from Asobo Studios conducted the whole presentation. Being in an early stage of developing the whole presentation was based on Power Point sheets scattered from time to time with some screenshots taken from the game. Quite poor, but what we have found out had blown our minds.

Fuel takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by global warming and the fight for fuel. As the last deposits of fuel are running out, a new extreme sport has arise. A race for fuel with futuristic cars made and tuned in hidden garages by "normal people". In a few words that's the whole story, and it actually ends here. The rest is racing across wildly various terrain that combines snow, arid river-beds, and open wilderness. Featuring 5,000 square miles (14,000+ km²) Fuel has the biggest racing environment based on a cutting-edge proprietary engine. This engine is the result of almost four years of development. Using the most advanced streaming techniques, the engine can recreate huge terrain surfaces based on satellite readings. The world in Fuel has been created manually inspired by authentic American landmarks, with recognizable places such as Death Valley and Mount Rushmore created after real satellite readings."

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