Resident Evil 7: Why It's Taking Me Straight To Resi Heaven

Why Resident Evil 7 has me excited for the series for the first time since Resident Evil 4 and looks to bring back the essence of true survival horror.

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V0MIT_M0NSTER456d ago

Never played the series before, but this game looks amazing!

greysun123456d ago

I've been replaying Resident Evil 4 just to get myself ready ☝🏼

jitrel455d ago

Game looks super creepy

bouzebbal454d ago

“After our sixth [Resident Evil] we got a lot of feedback from fans. I think a lot of fans loved that game."
uhh.. what? RE6 was s***... litterally!

DragonDDark454d ago

Some people loved that game as a RE game, unfortunately.

dragonopt1454d ago

I'm actually really enjoying this game. The boss fights are pretty intense and the environment is pretty creepy.

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