Four More Free EA Access Games Revealed: Skate 3, Dead Space Ignition, and More

Today, publisher and developer EA revealed that four new games are being added to the EA Access library of free games on Xbox One: Skate 3, Dead Space Ignition, Madden NFL 17, and Zuma’s Revenge. EA did not provide any specifics as to when the games will be added to the catalog, but it did say they would come sometime later in the year.

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Bigpappy667d ago

I have never played Dead space. Trying to decide if I should start that or Go for Diablo3. I know I would like Diablo3, but I have to pay for that. Don't mind doing so if Dead space turns out to be not for me and Diablo is not more than $40.

Kribwalker667d ago

You could do both. Just buy one month sub for EA for $5 and give it a shot, and then buy diablo

666d ago
Christopher666d ago

Had to look up what Dead Space Ignition was. Too bad to see bad creative decisions stall the potential of an IP. Happens too often today :(

Profchaos666d ago

I don't know why but I just can't really get into skate 3 or 2 but I loved skate 1.

My thinking is because the story they tried to add in was cringeworthy and detracted from the actual skating as opposed to skate 1 which was purely focused on skating and meeting the world's best and competing.

Plus I think graphics and the camera angels are better in 1

monsoon_moon666d ago

I liked 3, but 1 was my favourite, first game I got 1000g and I also couldn't get on with 2 either. They just need to announce Skate 4 already!

Boobgrabber666d ago

Why does it say free on the title if you have to pay a subscription?