Little Big Planet - Social Networking

1UP details new social networking elements to be included in LBP. The features will allow favorite levels to be recorded and shared as well as photo tagging similar to Facebook.

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cahill3742d ago

next gen gaming starts with LBP

MicahChiles3742d ago

I feel that I will only scratch the surface of the freedom that this game will allow.

SmokingMonkey3742d ago

that about sums LBP up (minus the 's' of course)

cahill3742d ago

just wait for the reviews to pour in

cahill3742d ago

but those BOTS keep taking them away from ps fans as always

Final_Rpg3742d ago

I hope so too, but don't sound that arrogant about it. It'll come back to you, it's better just letting what happens happen.

juuken3742d ago

Bubbles for everyone, including cahill...ya crazy nut. xD

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THC CELL3742d ago

i think lbp will top sales Top games like R2 and gears 2 of the November tops

its just going to be too big

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