Sony: Two Forthcoming Releases to Break the Sound Barrier

At Austin GDC on Wednesday, Jason Page, audio manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe R&D, called upon sound designers and composers to fully exploit the capabilities of current systems and to cast aside preconceptions about game audio. In that way, audio in games can move to a next-gen status.

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tocrazed4you3742d ago

Better be surround sound :D SOMEHOW

cahill3742d ago

SONY = innovation
no wonder PS3 is the most powerful console

cemelc3742d ago

Sony is really trying to create something new thank you!!!!

SmokingMonkey3742d ago

AAARAARRRGGgrgrghrhhrhhhrhrh!! !!!!


LeonSKennedy4Life3742d ago

We can only hope, dude.

They're bloody genius's!!!

thePatriot3742d ago

I had a look arround the site. they have some good articles in there. Not a lot of fanboyish comets either.

JRaptor3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

I agree, that website has always been pretty good. They seem to focus more on the industry with feature-type articles rather than just the latest recycled news that a lot of other gaming sites do.
Gamasutra is another site that is like this (it has their own version of this same article) - there's often some pretty interesting stuff to read there. It hardly shows up on n4g though.