Computer Games: Galactic Dream: Rage of War Review

Computer Games writes: "I was very tempted, at the beginning of this article, to describe Galactic Dream: Rage of War as a "real time space strategy that looks and feels like Red Alert", proudly sign the work and consider it done. Aside from the raised eyebrow of my editor-in-chief, I would have felt proud and fulfilled by such a detailed and complete journalistic masterpiece. Unfortunately for the indie producers of Evolution Vault, the above description also happens to be exact.

There is little room for maneuvering in the real time strategies genre as it is, and Rage of War loses the battle precisely because it plays by the rules of others. It brings nothing new or innovating in terms of gameplay, while the graphics could not impress us since we're talking about independent producers, with limited resources at their disposal."

* Large scale battles

* Antiquated gameplay
* Non-existent AI
* Poor single-player
* Annoying voice-over

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