The End Of The Greatest Gaming Podcast Ever reacts to Shawn Elliot and Jeff Green, two fantastic writers and in general hilarious people, leaving 1UP, and GFW Radio in the process with a retrospective article on how they contributed to what is without a doubt the greatest gaming podcast ever.

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hombrehambre3687d ago

I really love Shawn Elliot. He's one of those few people who can switch between completely hilarious and totally serious and thought-provoking to match the situation. He's a real character...

tinydancer3687d ago

Robert Ashley is just as funny, but he doesn't have the serious side.

RKRigney3687d ago

I couldn't agree more. He's what gave GFW Radio all its personality.

mikeslemonade3687d ago

I have 45 podcast subscriptions and 1up Yours is still the best podcast ever. Not only is it the best gaming podcast but also the best podcast. The reason why is that they actually break exclusive news during the podcast and they have really good informative debates. No other podcast does that. 1up Yours will make you a smarter person. Some of you N4G guys here obviously need some smarts so I suggest 1up Yours.

hombrehambre3687d ago

1UP is SO much better than Gamespot and IGN.

tinydancer3687d ago

I agree. It's a shame to see Shawn and Jeff go, though... that's a real blow to the staff...

The Karate Kid3687d ago



Final_Rpg3687d ago

Podcast Beyond is without the doubt the greatest podcast ever. You lose this time.

NDN_Shadow3687d ago

They would have excellent serious discussions about PC and console games, as well as just the gaming media in general, and what made it so awesome was how Jeff and Shawn added their own absurd humor once in a while that would just crack you up.

RKRigney3687d ago

Podcast Beyond is pretty funny, but for me, it just doesn't have the same amount of spirit that GFW does/did.

rexor07173687d ago

Its longer, and it has more variety.

Final_Rpg3687d ago

In conclusion I got raped by the replies. Hooray!

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Bill Gates3687d ago

I knew just from the title that it wasn't the n4g podcast, cause that podcast sucks ass big time......AHAHAHAAHAHAAHA

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