Game Revolution: Peggle Nights Review

Game Revolution writes: "For a 'casual' game franchise that consists largely of kid-friendly characters, unthreatening music and a single mouse-click per round, PopCap's Peggle can certainly stir some deep emotions in otherwise 'hard-core' gamers. I remember once mentioning the game in conversation at a Sony event attended exclusively by game journalists, only to suddenly hear passionate echolocative pings of "Oh my God, Peggle!" sound out from two opposite areas of the room at once. You can think of the Peggle experience as part Pachinko, part pinball, part billiards, part zen exercise…and part mainlining heroin.

Now the (equally-addictive) follow-up Peggle Nights is finally upon us, and, well…let's be coarsely blunt about this: PC productivity everywhere is once again going to be crippled like Tiny Tim being trampled under a horse-drawn carriage on Christmas Day."

+ More Peggle in more ways
+ Blurs the 'casual/hard-core' line
+ Replayable to your doom
- By definition, 'more of the same'
- Neither a full expansion nor a true 'sequel'
- Still no level editor, dammit

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