1UP: Line Rider 2: Unbound Review

1UP writes: "If you haven't seen the videos of the original Line Rider being played by its most hardcore fans, I recommend that you check them out immediately. Gamers have been able to play it in its free Flash form for some time, and its Freestyle mode has given some very creative people a chance to flex their skills and imagination while putting the game's elegant physics to use.

Line Rider is simple in description: You play as Bosh, a character who sleds around on a series of lines drawn by the player, trying to maintain enough momentum to get from point A to point B. Line Rider 2: Unbound is essentially a more goal-oriented update to the original idea, which was essentially a physics engine that allowed you to send Bosh through jumps, loops, switchbacks, and other obstacles. The story mode functions primarily as a puzzle game; the player receives a course with missing sections, and you fill these in with Regular, Speed, or Slowing lines. The game is all about controlling Bosh's momentum and direction, because as soon as you hit play, Bosh drops into the level and out of the player's control."

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Final_Rpg3742d ago

Is this on pc? I can't be bothered clicking link to check platform.

Killjoy30003742d ago

I always play this at my school when I have nothing to do, as it comes standard with every PC in my school.