The Resident Evil series: Ranked from worst to best

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil 7 on January 24, we're ranked the main entries in the series from worst to best. Agree/disagree with our list? The author has plans this weekend so please refrain from killing him.

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chrisx456d ago

Cool list. I think Resi 2 is the best, though Resi 3 nemesis should be higher than 4th

greywolf39456d ago

for us real resi fans we all know our list Resi 2 is by far the best. Resi 4,5,6 are the worst AS FOR RESIDENT EVIL game. Resi 4 is amazing game, hell i have beaten it 5,6 times on ps2. But for a resi game you cant look for better than Resident Evil 2. Resident evil code veronica was also an amzing resi. From moder shit I think Re 0 was a good one and revelations.