Sony Share Price Takes A Hit

While the gaming division for Sony has staged a late resurgence, the second largest maker of consumer electronics have been uncerimoniously pants by Gold, Sachs & Co. who have downgraded their investment rating on the stock.
By moving their investment rating from "buy" to "neutral", with the stock price dropping 7.3 percent to 3,320 yen, the lowest close since June 2003.

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facepalm3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

...Tell me a company's share price that DID NOT take a hit this week...

Dannagar3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

Nintendo, Activision Blizzards

ngg123453378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

None of those had ties with lehman brothers, or any of the investment banks. Microsoft, and Sony had ties with these copmanies.

Snukadaman_3378d ago

Oh im sure if microsoft took a giant hit today there is SOMEONE looking for that story as we speak. Just like someone found this story.

va_bank3377d ago

The part where he says "I'm no investment banker"

IdleLeeSiuLung3377d ago

The news here is that Sony stock was downgraded. You will have to read the report (if you can get your hands on it) to see if it is justified.

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Stryfeno23378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

The droids would have a heart attack if Sony start charging for their online service. Plus, no-one would pay for an inferior service.

If I was Sony, I would jack up the price of the Exclusive games. Instead of $59.99, it would be $69.99. Everyone wins.

cahill3378d ago

cuz of Lehmann brothers which went bankrupt

juuken3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

Shut the f*ck up man.


There was a stock market crash idiot, which means ALL COMPANIES TOOK A HIT. Put the console war aside and for ONCE think about reality.


cahill3378d ago

share prices of all companies took hit


tocrazed4you3378d ago

Just remember wall street is in a crisis right now that is nearly as worst as the one in 1930's

MAiKU3378d ago

I wonder, does this have anything to do with the stock market crash that happened a few days ago?

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The story is too old to be commented.