Sony still has a few cartridges

President of Worldwide Studios and veteran of SCE, Shuhei Yoshida himself in an interview with IGN.
In this interview, the main information to remember is that in addition to working on Heavy Rain, GoW III, or MAG, Sony would have a few secret projects.

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tocrazed4you3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I am guessing these games will be announced at e3 or games convention for the fall 2009 release. So far we only known games that are releasing in January through summer time. NOTE SMALL PORTION i AM GUESSING rpgs will be announced hehe but in 2009 man I can't wait

Naked-Snake3470d ago

The games will just keep on coming.

el_bandito3470d ago

SCEI makes PS3 owners happier as the day goes by.

remanutd553470d ago

no brainer... of course sony have more games, the quantity of ps3 exclusives already out is nowhere near sony in house power, i know ps3 have exclusives but they are nowhere near sonys first and second party potential , i think sony is gonna impress this tgs and call me crazy but i think level 5 will unveil a new game very soon, team ico need to show one of their masterpieces and plz sony gimme my GOW3 gameplay so you can shut a lot of mouths lol

Jake the Muss3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I did read somewhere that Sony was shifting their strategy to only announcing new games closer to their estimated release date, so I well believe them when Yoshida says they have many unannounced games deep in development. I think it came from an interview when he said they learnt from the mistake of announcing Home so early and incurring the wraith of the gaming community for subsequently delaying it. If I find the source, I'll post it up.

On another topic, the title confused me alittle. When I think cartridge, I think of the cartridge games on the Sega Master System etc. Perhaps a translation error?

Mc Fadge3470d ago

I thought ink cartridge, for a printer ;D

ThatArtGuy3470d ago

I thought cartridge based system games as well. Of course, Playstation has never had them. *LOL*
I'm assuming the translation mean "big guns" and missed the metaphor.

Jake the Muss3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

@ ThatArtGuy: Good point, I didn't think of that.

Ok, I cant find the interview I was thinking of, but I found a couple from a while ago may give more credibility:

From GC 2007 - David Reeves: "what we want to do is just to make sure that people are focused on five or six games that we're bringing out.... we're not going to overload the consumer with too many new ones."

From July 2008 - Yoshida, when he was talking about the cancellation of 8 Days and The Getaway: "Normally, we wouldn’t have announced a title so early. We have canceled other titles but people didn’t notice."


cereal_killa3470d ago

I think some big bombs will be released at TGS in Oct. If these games are being released in 2009 i don't think they'll wait for E3.

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The story is too old to be commented.