1968 Tunnel Rats - Exclusive Debut Trailer

First footage of movie maverick Uwe Boll's first game!

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Rick Astley3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

You have to be kidding me. Uwe Boll should be banned from life.

LeonSKennedy4Life3316d ago

I have to put this Uwe Boll video up...

...I guarantee that you haven't seen Uwe Boll like THIS!

pwnsause3316d ago

Rick just Rick Rolled himself. lololololol

Rick Astley3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Just look at that face. He looks like a retarded mouse that was born from a squirrel's gangrene-infested ass.

"Uwe Boll" was the name that was given camel hemarroids.

thebudgetgamer3316d ago

thats just mean how can you do that i mean cmparing that poor ratarted little mouse to that person its wrong

Nitrowolf23317d ago

wow that looks like crap
i wonder what he thinks of it
probaly thinks its the greatist game ever
no its crap

pwnsause3317d ago

he gets funding from Nazi goats, he said so in postal. Worst movie ever btw, lololololol

Saint Sony3316d ago

...Ruuuuuuuunnnn, it's a CRASHING HELICOPTER!

UWE BOLL!, Leave us alone! No one wants your games or movies!

pwnsause3316d ago

oh god, just look that trailer for the movie

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The story is too old to be commented.