AM Show: Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion detailed

First details and images of the new characters, stages, and costumes from Bandai Namco's Tekken 6 update. The game is playable at the Amusement Machine Show in Japan.

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Rick Astley3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Lars looks pretty badass.

Winter47th3740d ago

Hope they won't take their sweet little time with this one, bring Tekken6 to the PS3 already Namco.

INehalemEXI3740d ago

I want a tag mode in the PS3 Version.

Strife Lives3740d ago

Was revolutionary! If Tekken 6 has tag, just WOW.

HardcoreGamer3740d ago

why dont they announce and put a tag mode in , this would make online out of this world when yuo have 2 on 2 battles. taht wuold be so fun and a different thing altogether. ps3 i is capable of these things pleas put it in namco

Fruit Loops3740d ago

with 40 characters announced, tag mode should be a given.

Why o why3740d ago

come on sony. Do it for us. Fighting and sports games have had the toughest time online. If sony can run warhawk and resistance then they could help namco have dedi servers as a thank you for exclusivity.

BludoTheSmelly3740d ago

Time to practice those skills before it comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.