Kinect for Project Scorpio: Asset or Liablity?

Can Microsoft's controversial motion device help them recapture the market or will it only keep them out of the lead?

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ziggurcat323d ago

I don't think we'll see Kinect for Scorpio, but I imagine you will probably be able to plug in the existing one that came with Xbox One.

maybelovehate322d ago

That is how I feel too. Similar to how you can use it on PC. Which I actually do use it for simple mo cap projects. Still not super accurate but it gets the job done close enough to work with.

poppinslops322d ago

I'd like to see it used in conjunction with Scorpio's VR games... hand-tracking could eliminate the need for Touch/Move style controllers, whilst voice commands would allow players to communicate with in-game characters - both essential steps toward making VR a more believable and immersive experience.

maybelovehate322d ago

it isn't accurate enough or low latency enough for hand tracking, at least not in its current form. But it could be used to enhance VR games.

kstuffs322d ago

They are already working on hand tracking with Kinect since 2014. MS can dedicate the Kinect just for hand tracking while use inside-out tracking from HoloLens for head tracking. I suspect this might be one reasons why they bought Simplygon to reduce polygon rendering/tracking (assume they can make it real-time).

Aenea322d ago

Still believe it could work well for VR...

Cy322d ago

It better at least be able to be plugged in, since I was promised that all my X1 accessories would be compatible with the Scorpio.

gamer7804322d ago

Asset. video chat. Communication .games. Workouts. Dance Family fun. Possible vr accessory

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