New Heavenly Sword Scans

The Beautiful Nariko shows us her charm with these four new scans. The magazine reports that the game is going to be the first ps3 launch title to show what the PLAYSTATION 3 is technically capable of.

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Captain Tuttle4289d ago

You can never tell much from these magazine scans.

andy capps4289d ago

It's about time we saw some new environments on this one. Looking good.

nice_cuppa4289d ago

does it look no better than ninja gaiden black on xbox ?
can someone blip a link so we can compare !

bilal4289d ago

are the new as*hole on this site

Bebedora4289d ago

ding ding ding ding ding ding!

nice_cuppa4289d ago

if we can see the vids to compare feel free to prove me wrong,
im man enough to admit if im wrong but i dont go on words i trust my eyes.

remember this is my opinion... dont take it so personal.

its not like i was talking about your family or friends its just a game.

Bebedora4289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

So the whole purpose of comparision of screens is?
What conclusion will you make out of it? (surprise me)

See what my BS radar is dinging about?

[edit] In all fairness, you are in your full right to ask whatever you want, but when things get repetetive ad nauseum I get a headache reading your kind of questioning and draws a whole scenario of "informative" postings.[/edit]

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mucho 994289d ago (Edited 4289d ago )

they aren't exactly new, maybe on this site. But I've seen them weeks ago.

The game is really turning out to be something awesome. I will definitely be getting this one!!!

blackmagic4289d ago

Yeah, here's gameplay... one of the games that I am very interested in...


At E3 2006 this looked almost finished... I wonder what is taking so long...

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The story is too old to be commented.