HTC Touch HD handled, pre-release style

Chris Ziegler writes:

"Okay, so this "review" of HTC's beastly new Touch HD isn't much of a review, but it offers up a few important snippets of insight -- and perhaps more importantly for the visual stimulation-starved among us, a plethora of photography."

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ASSASSYN 36o3472d ago

The iphone killer I have been waiting on. It will do everything the iphone does and everything it can't!

SuperSaiyan43472d ago

Samsung Omnia i900 pwns all.

Guardian0fPeace3471d ago

The HTC Touch Pro and Touch HD are your best bet, the omnia only has 128mb ram, the HTC models have 288mb ram. But still, it does sport an interesting interface, but I'm diggin the Touch Pro, until the Nvidia Tegra 600 series is released (probably next summer).