Game and console sales drop as Japan braces for Switch impact

Before a tsunami comes ashore, water recedes back into the ocean to feed the coming wave. If Japanese consumers are shoreline water, then they are pulling back as all console sales have dropped a significant amount from last week, many having dropped to less than half what they sold last week. The likely cause? Nintendo Switch pre-orders go live on January 21.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory690d ago

Calm Before The Storm
Zelda: Breath of the Wild will probably be the best selling Zelda game in Japan. They are hitting the right notes this time to see a bigger success in Japan with the franchise.

Erik7357689d ago

It'll be crazy to see the next Pokemon RPG on it,

Pokemon on Switch will be what Mario 64 was to mario

The 10th Rider689d ago

If, in Japan, the Switch sells halfway between a portable and a home console, that alone would be enough to nearly outsell the Wii U's worldwide sales.

Erik7357689d ago

Yea....people are forgetting there is a huge market for mobile gaming and this is not only just going after the console market but also the mobile market as well.

689d ago
Knushwood Butt689d ago

People have spent their 'otoshidama' new year gift cash, so sales drop.