GameSpy: Demigod Preview

Sometimes the best innovations come out of just reversing received wisdom. The basic concept of the real-time strategy game is that of a player constructing a large army of independently moving units with varying abilities and setting them against a similar large army. More strategy, of course, means either more units or giving existing units more powers and more things to do. Supreme Commander developer Gas Powered Games (infamous for creating an RTS with tons of units) is looking to turn that on its head with Demigod. GameSpy recently got the exclusive opportunity to go hands-on with the full Demigod beta to discover if a rich and meaty strategy experience could come from controlling just one unit.

Innovative game design; surprisingly deep strategy; beautifully designed battlefields and interesting units.

Balancing different demigods will be difficult; will strategy gamers be able to look past its "action game" trappings?

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