Halo: The Neill Blomkamp Movie We Never Got to See

It could have been the first blockbuster video game adaptation, but instead, it fell apart.

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519d ago
XXanderXX519d ago

Maybe one day we may get to see a actual full feature movie , no more animation.

519d ago
DeathScythe519d ago

Still waiting on the halo tv show that was announced a few years back on E3, last I heard it was sopposed to air on stars and was still A go. But why do I have this feeling like it's been cancelled?

519d ago
tigertron519d ago

It was Halo: Nightfall, it wasn't exactly a TV series, but it was a series on the Halo channel. You can watch it there for free or buy the Blu-ray/DVD. It's a pretty good show, but Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was better. It really shows the potential for a full-length movie.

Paytaa519d ago

No there was supposed to be an actual Halo TV show on Starz. Nightfall launched on the Halo Channel as a precursor to Halo 5 for Spartan Locke.