Hardcore Gamer: NBA 09 Review

Darryl Mah writes:

"This game still lacks create-a-player and "The Life" mode, and for a second straight year a "Dunk Contest" is not a part of the All-Star festivities. Where NBA 09: The Inside shines is in its library of mini-games, more than making up for the lackluster core gameplay. The new ticket-dispensing, mini-games give incentive to keep playing, and it's definitely time well wasted."

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TheHater3736d ago

This game isn't even coming out till next month. I think it comes out the 7th of next month.

PoSTedUP3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

"This game still lacks create-a-player and "The Life" mode.

if it lacks the Life mode then yall aren't reviewing the full game so i am reporting you ok.

cant wait for this game though. NBA story mode ftw!

blu3print3736d ago

Same thing I was thinking, makes you wonder why these people would review an unfinished game and even score it,

marinelife93736d ago

Isn't this the PSP version?