Was ReCore Not Selling Up to Microsoft’s Expectations the Reason Scalebound Was Canceled?

Highly-anticipated Microsoft Xbox One video game Scalebound was recently announced to be canceled. However, is the reason for its cancellation linked to ReCore, another highly-anticipated game, not delivering up to expectations?

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ninsigma574d ago

Hmmmm maybe it a little to do with it and that they were afraid of putting more money into a game that might do only as well as recore but I would say it's mostly the dev team couldn't develop the game to whatever Microsofts expectations were.

SaveFerris574d ago

In my opinion, ReCore not selling as well as expected by MS was likely to do with it being a mediocre game, and the majority of the Xbox fanbase being into sports games, racers, and shooters. MS admirably tries to sell other genres to their console fanbase, with varying degrees of success, but not many games meet their targets, and the risk can be costly. Perhaps MS is more risk averse than Sony in this regard, or maybe it is because Sony has better relationships with their second or third party studios, such as Quantic Dream, or Level-5.

_-EDMIX-_572d ago

I don't know if I could fully believe that it's simply just the installed base.

If recore was on the PlayStation 4 I simply do not see it selling any better I avoided that game and it's on PC...

I feel a bad game is simply just a bad game.

I feel that game was Miss marketed and I believe that Microsoft had ridiculous expectations.

When they first showed this game they had a release window for it despite us not even seeing physical gameplay.

BizarroUltraman572d ago

A combination of both perhaps...

mikeslemonade572d ago

I bought Recore and it's more enjoyable than Ratchet. The best current gen platformer and Wiiu doesn't count as current gen.

Trez1234572d ago

[email protected] it really is about opinion. I personally think it was really bad and one of the worst games from Japan. It looks and plays really cheap and I couldn't believe ms sold it retail and at that price because I've played indie games that look and play much better.

On topic, people need to stop making such a big deal about a cancelled game. Games do get cancelled and that goes for all those companies. I'm sure xbox will have a suprise or two come E3.

NewMonday572d ago

ReCore not selling is Microsoft's fault in the first place, what destroyed it was big technical problems in an obviously rushed game. basically released in the Alpha stage.

ReCore and Scalebound will be the reason Xbox will forever be a 3rd rate platform.

guyman572d ago

Mikes lemonade

Recore was definitely not better than ratchet and clank lmao

Phill-Spencer572d ago


Lol. I know it's your opinion. But opinions can also be wrong. Just like yours.^^

imo ice is hotter than fire = BS
Imo the earth is flat = BS
Imo recore is better than ratchet and clank= BS

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Bigpappy573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

I would go with the latter. Can't see the connection with Recore. That's a major stretch and reading more into the decision than is warranted. Those game had zero in common. I believe it was just a matter of Phil losing faith in the developer and the direction the game was headed. He just thought it was bad from a business standpoint to invest further in a game that to him was not panning out in a way that he believe was the kind of quality worthy of the investment.

May be Phil made a horrible mistake. If so other publishers can feel free to jump on the game and build on the hype that was already created for the game, by funding and releasing it . Should it do well, we can then fault Phil decision to pull the plug on it.

I have no comment on 'SaveFerris' evaluation of the Xbox fanbase not caring for RPG's. Some comments are better left in the heads of those who imagine them to be true.

Concertoine572d ago

Yeah the thing is, Scalebound development persisted 3 months after ReCore came out. It's pretty clear by delays that Scalebound was in dev hell due to the addition of a W10 port and co-op to a game that initially had neither.

Trez1234572d ago

Kamiya and Microsoft had problems even before the first gameplay footage and I'm really suprised that none of these articles mention it. Kamiya was angry with Microsoft and it mentioned it on twitter but was deleted hours later.

You can't say it was platinum s fault for sure and same could be said about Microsoft. All we know is the game is cancelled and to be honest to all parties involved, they ended their partnership with a bit of class.

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Godmars290572d ago

So that begs the question then were MS's expectations reasonable. As well as what did they want in the game that became such as issue.

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Sciurus_vulgaris572d ago

ReCore needed more time to 'cook' and should of been delayed by a few months. This would of allowed the game to launch with better performance and more polish . I would bet, if ReCore was delayed, the game would of gotten a metacritic average in the 70s and sold better.

The 10th Rider572d ago

Yeah, it had a few serious technical issues that brought it down. It still would have suffered from repetitiveness later on, but with bugs and load times fixed I could easily see a 65+. Does anyone know if it's gotten any patches fixing anything? I may pick it up on PC when it's cheap if they fix some of that stuff up.

Sciurus_vulgaris572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

The load times of the game were patched and reduced. I played the 30 minute trial of ReCore. I found it fun, but it didn't convince me to purchase the title. One of my friends bought the game and currently enjoys it. I can't bring myself to accept why ReCore was built using the notorious Unity Engine. The Halo engine would of been better for the title, as it handles large environments well, and assets could of been stealthily reused, plus less (or no) licensing fees.

The 10th Rider572d ago

Yeah, the game looks interesting to me, but the supposed repetitiveness has me wary. Chances are I'll pick it up if it's ever around $5. I've got an SSD as well, so between that and the patches load times shouldn't be a huge issue.

_-EDMIX-_572d ago

I don't know if it was going to matter

babadivad572d ago

Meh, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't a "great" game, but it was enjoyable. It does seem like reviewers are being more harsh with MS games this gen. Maybe that's just me though.

Sciurus_vulgaris572d ago

Well I do firmly believe, that some titles get free passes, depending on who published and/or developed the title in question.

Aloy-Boyfriend572d ago

A bad game is bad game regardless of publishers, Same for buggy, and unfinished games. That game needed to be delayed, but MS maybe rushed it to have their holiday lineup and look how that turned out

game4funz572d ago

Very true. We all know opinions have integrated themselves into reviews now more then ever...therefore bias is a huge problem now.
Also content whores.. And this magical need for multiplayer and singleplayer.

Recore was not as bad as it was reviewed. The game is fun. The bugs were few and not that bothersome.. Loading times no different then a game like bloodborne.... There was a lot of complaint for common problems found in current games.

Lenrulesdaworld572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

No, I know why it was cut but I can't say unfortunately. Had nothing to do with any other game but scalebound itself, finances and Development. Though It's a bit deeper than that

Sciurus_vulgaris572d ago

Well since MS owns the assets, we can hope that one day the game could be resurrected and finished.

tyasia0572d ago

Who says Microsoft owns the assets?

It hasn't been mentioned anywhere who owns them nor could you know what the contractual agreements were regarding the project. I mean you don't even know the basis for it's cancellation so it's impossible for me to believe you know anything about the contract under which development took place.

aConIsDemocracy572d ago

No. MS ha no confidence in their console. They knew this game was going to lose money. So they scrapped it to save money.

Sciurus_vulgaris572d ago

Or maybe the contracted dev, Platinum, didn't focus enough on the project and simply weren't meeting Microsoft's expectations, even after the delays.

n4rc572d ago

Vulgaris.. that seems the logical answer..

It would have been delayed again if they felt it was close and the reasons were legitimate (ie the win10/co-op assumptions).

uRaDecepticon572d ago

While you're reaching, can you grab me a beer out the fridge?

PizzaSteve572d ago

I like this comment. I could use a beer too.

Chevalier572d ago

No beer for me, just a bag of cashews to snack on.

YEP414572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

That makes no sense at all!! For one recore did enough for Microsoft to Do an expansion... Second scalebound team just didn't make progress...this article just stupid ..3rd record budget was extremely smalll...its a difference xbox

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