1UP's Shawn Elliot is leaving

From blog post:

"Once, I was a green grocer. I worked with a fool for whom everyone was a fool -- as in, "Hey, fool. This one fool was wearing JNCOs." Every day on the job, he explained how, in a Jackass world of action without consequence, he would demolish the joint by driving a bulldozer in and doing donuts. He didn't hate his job. Haggen, our workplace, wasn't one Caterpillar sale away from catastrophe. What he didn't like was that if he wasn't working there, he'd probably have to work at a place he liked less.

Hopefully you're wondering what this has to do with me leaving a job I love (yes, I'm leaving). Everyone dreams of dramatic exits? I dunno. Unlike The Fool, I'm happy here, where I wanted to come when I was a clerk and part-time teacher. I feel guilty giving up what others would give an organ for. I did get a damn good offer, though.

I'm going to make a game with one of the industry's most talented and impressive developers. Tune into tonight's GFW Radio for details."

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Relcom3594d ago

Same here man. Losing Jeff then Shawn so close makes me really sad. GFW was so good, now it won't even exist. Yaddle is sad. . . ;)

Time Lord3594d ago

his just game editor, he was annoying in the 1up podcast anyways.

vitz33594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

His hilarious stories and personality will be missed on GFW. The stories of his escapades through Second Life were a f-ing riot.

This sucks, seems all the good editors are jumping ship. What is going on over there? Are they the next Gamespot?

mikeslemonade3594d ago

Shane Bettenhausen still in and im still listening to the podcasts Woohoo.

kwicksandz3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

no Jeff and no Shaun make gfw a dull podcast


I just hope the dev he now works with has a podcast! Good luck shaun, keep the crack heads away from the copper.

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Parapraxis3594d ago

He seems genuinely excited about this new job, good luck to him.
The game better not suck though!

Time Lord3594d ago


Coheno3594d ago

You don't have to! Then don't leave a F***ing comment...twice...

He was a great part of the 1up network, and always had the best stories!

NanoGeekTech3594d ago

Who is this guy.............

Killjoy30003594d ago

As long as the IGN Playstation Team is intact, I could care a less.

Chris Roper, Ryan Clements, Jeff Haynes, and Greg Miller are amazing at what they do.

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