Crysis Warhead Leaked But Protection Is Fighting Piracy...For Now

GameXtract writes "It's quite interesting to see what trash you find on forums these days. Users going crazy over the latest hot gaming news, reviews, and apparently torrents are now a big hot topic. Crysis Warhead is currently available at your closet retail store or even on Steam, but their are some who choose that shelling out $29.99 isn't worth it. For those pricks who cant waste their time pulling out their wallets, are most likely already on their favorite bit torrent software, and downloading the leaked version of Crysis Warhead."

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Satanas3736d ago

I just bought this game today at EB. $30 is very reasonable. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting for my new PC to ship so I can play it - LOL. Definitely won't run on my current system.

I doubt these pirates can play online, though. I think the online component looks great so I didn't mind shelling out $30.

JsonHenry3736d ago

Of course the pirates can play it online! Ever heard of Hamachi? (virtual LAN?)

And it is already available for download. But for $30 I can't see it being worth the download. Unless you have installed the game more than three times because it has the same DRM that SPORE has.

FantasyStar3736d ago

Not a Stand-alone? If it wasn't stand-alone, I can see why pirates would be wanting to pirate this too. But if it was stand-alone, I don't see all the fuss.

TheIneffableBob3736d ago

Warhead is a standalone expansion.

Charmers3736d ago

The guy that wrote this is obviously an American and an idiot (not saying all Americans are idiots just saying this guy is). Not everyone is playing Crysis Warhead, infact the Europeans that bought their copy from steam aren't playing it nor will they till the 19th September (check the countdown on steams site). Last time I buy from steam I can tell you.

As for the "pirated" copy plurrrrrrrrease this isn't even a pirated copy it is a dvd clone which is pretty much useless without a crack anyway. So to claim the protection is holding out is a bit moronic. If the protection was holding out there wouldn't even be a cloned DVD. I expect this will get cracked pretty quickly but from what I am hearing about Warhead they needn't bother according to American gamers it isn't all that much better than the original crysis in terms of performance.

TheIneffableBob3736d ago

I just bought Warhead on Steam.

The multiplayer looks awesome.

Proxy3736d ago

I'll see you in the multiplay once EA provides me with an Activation Code which my steam copy is prompting for. There isn't an Activation Code for the Steam copy, because you shouldn't need one, but I need one, so I'll be waiting who knows how long for the ever incompetent EA to reply to my support requests.

Rooted_Dust3736d ago

Piracy is only acceptable in certain situations. Like as a means of protest. People who don't ever pay for games and pirate everything should be arrested.

ambientFLIER3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago ) is NEVER acceptable. Not even as a protest, and not even if you REALLY REALLY want it, you idiot. It's sad that people believe their own excuses to steal something.

Rooted_Dust3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

So, If I bought Spore and ran out of installs, I should just go and buy another copy like a good little consumer? Sorry, Don't think so. Also the protection some companies place on games make it impossible for the game to have any second hand value. Once I buy a game, that copy of the game is mine, i;m not renting it. I'll install it on as many PC's as I like and if I choose trade it, possibly for cash, to someone else.

El_Colombiano3736d ago

You wouldn't be pirating it if you bought it. But I agree with your statement 100%.

f7897903736d ago

1. My mom throw away my Microsoft Office Disc (ahhh! why?) so I pirated it.

2. Movies converted to mp4 for my psp of movies I already own.

3. Game protection denying me from playing so I delete everything and pirate the stable version of it. I always buy game legitamitely but if the pirate version is better I'll get it and leave the disc in its box.

Proxy3736d ago

You get to play it for awhile, then the installs run out, and your done with it (even if your not ready to be done, your done). Sounds like a rental to me. EA should be charging rental prices 5.99 for Crysis Warhead. You get to play it until your rental period is up (that is, 3 installs).

5.99 for the win, then you wont have so many boycoting you EA.

bumnut3736d ago

i downloaded a pirate copy of cod 4 for pc, i already paid £40 for it for my 360, why should i pay again?

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