Destructoid First Jimpressions: Dead Space

Destructoid writes:

"If you've read previous articles from Destructoid, then you'll know that EA's sci-fi horror shooter Dead Space is one of our hottest picks of the year. While the rest of the staff kept talking about it, I had yet to try the game myself, but fortunately Electronic Arts was in London today to preview Dead Space and premier the accompanying animated movie, Dead Space: Downfall at the Apollo Cinema.

A full review of Downfall is on the way, but since we're here to talk about games first and foremost, perhaps you'd be interested in how Destructoid's "biased and negative" British writer got on with Dead Space.

I had plenty of time to dismember my way through three chapters of the grisly title on an Xbox 360, so come with me as we cast a critical eye over the Dead Space."

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