WipEout HD Trophies List

PS3Fanboy writes: "In spite of its budget price, there are a lot of Trophies for you to obtain in the download-exclusive WipEout HD. Here's a list of all the standard Trophies, with a few hidden ones we managed to find so far".

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UNCyrus3594d ago

Platinum on a PSN title?


skynidas3594d ago

Well it is $19.99 so...

UNCyrus3594d ago

Yeah, I know what you mean, however they're going back on what they originally stated.

"Platinum trophies will be reserved strictly for disk-based titles"

But... I guess they made an exception for WipeOut HD... not that I'm complaining or anything :D

Megaton3594d ago

Wow, nice. Can't wait for this one.

cahill3594d ago


WIPEOUT got 9.2 from IGN and 9 from EUROGAMER and VIDEOGAMER


UNCyrus3594d ago

Cahill.... I love you man... but if you keep up your fanboy persona, you're not going to left with any bubbles... >.<

And if that happens... You won't be able to post any comments that make me laugh uncontrollably... Do you see the negative cycle I'm referring to?


Mc1873594d ago

I thought PSN titles didn't have platinum.

PirateThom3594d ago

The more expensive ones do, you're not going to get a Platinum for the likes of Pain or Super StarDust, but the more expensive, full games have one.

WINZLOW3594d ago

i will buy Wipeout hd over both of those tittles. what's all the arguing about the two anyways? Wipeout 25th of this month. $20 USD

UNCyrus3594d ago

why are you talking about MS:PR and Pure... Sure they're both racers, however they're not even comparable to WipeOut HD... I'm so much more excited about this title than I am either of those two.

And guess what? It's 1/3 of the price! PSN FTW!

ELite_Ghost3594d ago

i woudn't compare wipeout with MS and Pure, u should compare pure to MS but that's it

UNCyrus3593d ago

Yeah, that's exactly what I was implying with my comment...

On an unrelated note, I thought about changing my avatar to the same thing that your's is like last week... I guess someone beat me to the punch. white duelshock3 ftw!

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The story is too old to be commented.