PcAdvisor: Apple iPod classic 2G Review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"Apple has done very little to improve the iPod classic with this iteration - that's not necessarily a bad thing. It remains the iPod to own if you want to carry a lot of media with you. The Genius feature is a nice addition as is the ability to quickly browse albums and artists based on the currently playing track, but those additions will convince very few people to trade in their old reliable (and perhaps, higher-capacity) iPod classic for this year's model. It doesn't include such cool new iPod nano features as accelerometer or spoken menus, and those with large media libraries may mourn the loss of the 160GB classic. That said, it offers lots of storage capacity, impressive battery performance, the Genius playlist support, browse album and artist features, a slightly brighter display, and it even charges with a FireWire connection, as well as USB."

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