UGO: Peggle Nights Review

UGO writes: "Scoff. Laugh. Mock. Do what you will to Peggle. And then play it and tell me it's not mesmerizing. Play just one round and you'll begin to grasp the inexplicable joys of watching a small metal ball bouncing from peg to peg. Why is it so compelling or so addictive? Hell if I know, but Peggle is just damn fun. Last year PopCap managed to reach both casual and hardcore gamers with this cult-turned-blockbuster hit, and now they've followed it up with Peggle Nights, which adds new levels, a new power-up and compatability for expansions. But does it still manage to capture the charm of the original? Well, yes, but maybe a little too well.

Peggle Nights' gameplay is almost indistinguishable from the first game. You're still firing down metal balls, aiming to hit orange pegs with handy ricochets in a Plinko-like arena. Each level is themed and has its own mascot, and each mascot has their own unique power-up. Some let you see where your ball is going to bounce after the first peg, some activate nearby pegs in a blast of energy and some even allow you to save your ball with a pair of flipper claws. Unfortunately there's only one new power-up that's been added for Nights, which activates all the pegs between the first peg hit and the bucket at the bottom. It would've been nice to at least mix up the old powers a bit more, or even replace some of the old powers, but alas, no go."

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