PS3 Fanboy preview: PlayStation Home

PS3Fanboy writes: "It's Friday night, and if you don't mind us saying so, you're looking rather snazzy: spiked hair, blue jeans, black hoodie, and brand new sneakers. Your cell phone rings. You pick it up, greet your friend, and tell him that you'll be there in a few and to meet up by the pool table in the back corner. You disconnect and slip your phone into a jacket pocket, but instead of grabbing your keys and heading out the door, you hop into your favorite chair, grab your DualShock controller and power up the PS3".

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WINZLOW3739d ago

a free useful feature for game launching and 3d trophies and a replacement for chat rooms that hold 6 psn member can now be a whole clans worth of buddies in 1 apartment or strategy room.

THC CELL3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Home is truly a killer app for a games console

PSWe603739d ago

Just when you think HOME isn't all that it's cracked up to be, a preview like this reminds you how phuckin' awesome it's going to be when it launches.