Spore DRM Trained Legions of Pirates, says Halpin

In his latest guest column, ECA founder Hal Halpin argues that the DRM fiasco surrounding Spore has ironically led to an increase in game piracy.

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Pebz3473d ago

Bittersweet Irony.

Trying to Force people to not do something, rather than giving them a better alternative, hasn't really been proven effective.

rroded3473d ago

more like millions man even guys that bought the game need to find a pirated copy so they can play the stupid game...

f7897903472d ago

Its always cracked. The best thing to do would be a small protection that the average user would be afraid to get around and wouldnt hurt the overall experience.

DJ3472d ago

All he wanted to do was make another great game, but his audience attacked it. It's both EA's and Gamer's faults.

The Milkman3472d ago

This continues we are going to see less quality and value from video games. They probably had an expansion in mind... But now probably not much.