Ubisoft: “We're confident Nintendo can create a bridge between mobile and TV”

The publisher on the Switch price, the launch line-up, development challenges and why it doesn't have a new IP at launch

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-Foxtrot612d ago

So confident we decided to not make a brand new AAA game exclusively for them at launch

KTF26611d ago

Why would they?
did Nintendo paid for them to do so?

Angeljuice611d ago

Why would Nintendo have to pay them? If they were confident that the Switch will be a huge success, they would want to get in there early and establish themselves.

KTF26611d ago

With brand new AAA exclusive!!!

FallenAngel1984611d ago

Ubisoft couldn't even be bothered to make sure Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition was a NS launch title

Pandamobile611d ago

Nintendo has been rather sparing with the dev kits prior to the reveal announcement.