PSI: The Last Guy Review

PSI writes: "In an interesting approach to a top-down (above-view) game, The Last Guy has adopted a very Google Maps-styled interface. The levels you play in are actual cities and the maps look like they may well have started as satellite imagery, then been cleaned up a bit.

This map interface allows you to zoom in or out to your choice of five different levels, from a closeup on your local area out to a view that shows the entire map of the current city. The default view is the second closest one, but you can press (R2) to zoom in or (R1) to zoom out as you see fit. When you're zoomed out to the furthest level, there are some additional Heads-Up Display-style indicators that show where the enemies are and how far they can see and in what direction. This information can prove invaluable, if you can properly put it to use."

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Drekken3594d ago

You think they liked this game? lol

ThatCanadianGuy3594d ago

lol i know right.I was pretty surprised to see the score.
It is a fun game tho.

Dir_en_grey3594d ago

But they need to come out with Trophies for each stage...
I wanna prove my people saving skillz!!