EA: "Nintendo Forces Us to Think Differently"

The Switch "challenges conventions," EA's Patrick Soderlund says.

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Maybay636d ago

I just hope everyone developing for the Switch, uses its HD rumble technology. It'll make games a whole lot more enjoyable (imagine playing something like resident evil. It'd be a weird sensation getting attacked by zombies, lol).

boomtube1987635d ago

EA and all major AAA publishers will leave them after two years. They will realize that mostly kiddie.amd Nintendo fans will buy this machine and Shooters, fighting and Sports game wont sell. This is Nintendo machine in the end.

Malice-Flare635d ago

talk is cheap Soderlund, prove it with a game that isn't one of your contractual obligations...

ScreenCritics635d ago

"Now we can hit them with microtransactions on the bus and train" - EA's thought process.

chrisx635d ago (Edited 635d ago )

New ways to introduce ur transactions u greedy people. Another day in ea's headquarters

Goldby635d ago

HD rumble DLC

Couch Co-op DLC

Docked DLC

Miss_Weeboo635d ago

Yes! Think outside of your little boxes people. I'm not saying: Buy it at launch. I think has a pretty weak launch, but it's a new console, totally different to the PS4 and the other one... the one that's just a brand now..., Will offer you plenty of different games, with new mechanics, new possibilities

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