PSLS - PS3 Trophy Support List

This is a listing of only titles that WILL receive Trophies. Titles that are said to not be receiving Trophies will not be listed, as plans can change.

If you run across any information on games not listed here you can email me at phoenix8387 [at] playstationlifestyle [dot] net or through PM on the GamingLifeStyle or SCEA forums.

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Beast_Master3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Pretty much every game comming out has trophies from now on.
I only noticed that Fallout 3, Rise of the Argonots and Fracture where the only games not on the list.

Oh and all the EA sports games...

No PoP either but seeing as how they have only showed one level of that game means they will either delay it or have trophy's for it by November.

SullyDrake3594d ago

... But only buying a handful of those games.

Beast_Master3594d ago

I could afford all the games that I want, trophy support just gives me another reason to not push games off my list

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KobeT243594d ago

Wohooooo! Pixel Junk Monsters! Give it to me.

Close_Second3594d ago

...gets trophy support as its one fantastic game. Lets hope they add more levels as well especially some multiplayer only levels.

PJM has to be one of the most underrated games on PSN.

Jsynn73594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Wow. It is just to awesome to see how many games are going to have Trophy support. I'm gonna O.D. on Trophies! Hopefully they'll play an important role in Home. Little off topic, I see that Eye of Judgment is getting trophy support and THE NEW SET 3 CARDS!!!! NICE!!! Brighter horizons for Sony and the PS3!

Voozi3594d ago

Dissapointed that Ultimate Ninja Storm won't be having trophy support..especially since it recently got delayed until November so you'd think by then they could squeeze em in there...oh well will still get it.

And even though am not getting Fallout 3, sucks that isn't getting trophy support either, at least by 2009 there will be no excuse for not having trophies

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The story is too old to be commented.