GamesRadar: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review

GamesRadar writes: "Not many games get a second chance, but we're glad that The Witcher is one of them. We went into it the first time around with low expectations, and after an opening chapter so boring you could use it to mine for diamonds, came out grinning at the first genuinely good, 'proper' RPG in years. There. We admit it. We liked it a lot. Behind the fiddly controls, constant wandering from A to B and back to A and then bloody B again, and silly stuff like the nudie cards after each gratuitous bonk, it offered everything recent RPGs have lacked. Genuine moral dilemmas. Fun characters. A fantasy world with a sense of personality, if a seriously nasty one. And to think, I almost microwaved the DVD."

You'll love

* Genuine moral dilemmas
* Fun characters
* Fantasy world with personality

You'll hate

* It's an acquired taste
* Often long winded
* Fiddly controls

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