Activision Pondering Subscription Service for future Guitar Hero DLC

Activision Pondering Subscription Service for Guitar Hero DLC
September 17, 08 by Mark - e

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At Activision's Analyst Day Event (where Call of Duty 6 was dated), Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith had a few words to say about Guitar Hero. Griffith said:

" We've learned that the consumer still has an insatiable appetite for more. Consumers have downloaded over 20 million individual songs for the franchise, and they still tell us they want more."

While that number is huge, Guitar Hero and Activision have been heavily criticized for their sporadic DLC release for Guitar Hero, much unlike Rock Band's weekly song release. One must wonder how much that number would be if Guitar Hero had the same frequency of song release or as many songs available for download as Rock Band.

Then, Griffith dropped a bomb:

"Looking even further out, we're exploring new models, like an annual pass subscription where players can subscribe and get a certain number of songs downloadable each month."

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