Gearbox Explains Why 'Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway' Has Taken So Long

Next week, "Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway" will finally launch on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. The week after, PC gamers can join the World War II party.

But, what's taken Gearbox Software so long?

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Drekken3742d ago

BOOOHOOO Here's a tissue

wetowel3742d ago

NO WAY! UNBELIEVEABLE! the ps3 is hard to develop for? wow. Megaton.


JD_Shadow3742d ago

At least once they called Sony about it. Now they have no issue with it nor do they say it's a difficult language.

Don't know why no one else can follow Rockstar's example. If you build it right, they will come (trust me, they will).

beavis4play3742d ago

While the changes and tweaks made to the existing technology from Epic Games complicated matters, it was the PS3 version that gave Gearbox the most trouble. They had no experience on PlayStation hardware.

“In previous ‘Brothers in Arms,’ we had farmed out the PlayStation versions to other developers who were PlayStation experts,” he said. “So we had to build up all that expertise in-house to understand that platform. There’s just major hardware differences; you don’t know if your Xbox guy has a hard drive but your PlayStation guy does, and you’ve got 8 cores on this machine and 4 and a half on this machine and some PC users have…who knows how many?”-from the article.

nowhere in the article is anything mentioned to substantiate your "sarcasm".

LinuxGuru3742d ago

"you’ve got 8 cores on this machine and 4 and a half on this machine and some PC users have…who knows how many?”

Wow, I sure hope the guy they interviewed isn't the one making the game...he doesn't know wtf he's talking about! ha!

El_Colombiano3742d ago


Vicophine3742d ago

..agreed, that's hilariously ironic. Apparently PS3 hardware is not the only hardware they don't know.

JD_Shadow3742d ago

Okay, fixed that little mix up of URL's. Should've been MTV Multiplayer that had the actual story, while PS3 Fanboy was the one that I found the story on that linked to MTV Multi. My bad.

And yeah, dev laziness again comes full circle. Why does this HAVE to be such an issue? Just LEARN THE DAMN CODE ALREADY!!

mboojigga3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

Still waiting for the ones that say "lazy devs" to release your games. We are 3 years into this generation and for all the lazy dev talk have yet to see what you have come up with.

mboojigga3742d ago

NO waiting for you to make a PS3 or 360 game for us to see. Not waiting on someone to claim developers are lazy.

Killjoy30003742d ago

I think the most influential PS3 devs by far helming multi-platform games are Infinity Ward and Criterion Games. Followed by DICE. Man, all of these guys do phenomenal work with the PS3's architecture and should be looked at by other devs.

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