TGR Review: Civilization: Revolution

TGR - "I'll be very up front: I've never been a big Civilization player at any point in the franchise's existence. It's just not my thing. Does this make me grossly unqualified to review Revolution? You could argue that, but my arrogant nature towards the series also says something very positive about its latest incarnation in the fact that I loved it! Civilization: Revolution is a game that's so well tailored to consoles that any non-strategy gamer should be able to garner some form enjoyment from it. Some PC stalwarts might blame my conversion to the series on the basis that some aspects of it have been toned down, but even though developer Firaxis has crafted Revolution as a more shallow game, it remains one that's definitely worth diving into.

When starting up the classic single player mode, you're presented with 16 different civilizations, each with their own figurehead (Abraham Lincoln for the Americans, Napoleon for the French), and special units (Panzer tanks for the Germans, Hoplites for the Greeks). You'll be tasked with guiding your society from the Stone Age to the near future, attempting gain victory through one of the following winning conditions: Domination, Culture, Technology, and Economy. Culture is by far the easiest to achieve since cities will be continually handed significant historical scholars, like Gilgamesh and Aristotle, to aid their growth. Domination, which requires you to eliminate everyone else, is quite the chore and a huge drain on resources, so think carefully before you act."

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aubradley3740d ago

I loved this game, and it got my wife into the Civ series, so it's a win all around.