GamingAge: Pain: Amusement Park Review

GamingAge writes: "Pain (our original review here) is the very definition of a love or hate game. Even with the limited scope of the original release, people who loved it (me) spent 20+ hours causing havoc, racking up points, and no doubt chuckling at the physics heavy, Jackass-style gameplay. On the flip side are those who just didn't get it, and probably spent no more than 2 minutes messing around with the game before wondering what the point was. It must be a purely genetic thing, so if you fall into the latter group, it's okay. Anyway the big expansion pack, Pain Amusement Park, is here and it more than doubles the size of the game and adds a nice dose of variety. For $5.99, if you are a fan, it's a must buy. For those not into the puzzle + physics + Jackass gameplay or style, the "Abusement Park" is not going to do much to change your opinion".

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