Game Vortex: Spectral Force 3 Review

Game Vortex writes: "At best, Spectral Force 3's presentation is utilitarian. Both the visuals and audio aspects do what they need to do, but nothing about either stands out. Everything is incredibly bland and there's a distinct lack of personality, which is something Strategy RPGs sort of need if they want to grab the attention of a wider player base. As flawed as Operation Darkness was, it at least had enough personality that kept you playing just to see what would happen next. Spectral Force 3 doesn't benefit from the same safety net, and is a weaker game because of it.

Character models are slightly better than some XBLA titles and the sound is composed of generic sounds, most of which don't even fit what is happening on the screen. There's no reason for a sword strike to sound like a bat hitting a tree."

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