Pachter gives his Nintendo Switch verdict

Nintendo Switch faces an uphill battle because of its "problematic" $299 price point and an "underwhelming" slate of launch titles, Wedbush video games analyst Michael Pachter has said.

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Relientk77696d ago

Just restating what everyone else has already said. Way to go Pachter

*Golf clap*

UltraNova695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Agreed but maybe Nintendo will pay a bit more attention to influencial business analysts (he kinda is to be honest) than it does us.



No I did not and yes Pachter is influencial to company suits no matter what we think of him.


I know, thats exactly why I wrote the above comment.

Miss_Weeboo695d ago

Influencial business analysts... I think you fell for it

freshslicepizza695d ago

nintendo doesn't pay attention to anyone and that is where the problem lies.

naruga695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

there are 1-2 games that will bring millions of sales for Switch ...these are Monster Hunter, Pokemon and maybe Yokai in its home country ....though im wondering is really Nintendo targets only Japan and ignores the rest of the world ? seems like some sort of a strategy that could be profitable for them ....also the more i look Switch the more i understand is not for 25-30+ ages which many of us are whining for a normal powerful TV console ...this thing was made with the new generation of kids in mind which mobile gadgettry is integrated to their daily life start i was sure that this will be flop ala Wii+U but now i start to see it differently and angers me because i m not included in their target group :P

eagle21695d ago

Thanks to ArsTechnia, I have been trying to find what Mr. Pachter had to say about the original DS:

""If it launches with 12 games, it will look a lot like the N-Gage," said the industry's "favourite" analyst Michael Pachter before the launch of the DS in 2004. "I can't understand why two screens are required rather than a split screen." The DS went on to sell 154 million units, making it the second most popular console of all time behind Sony's PlayStation 2."

So Switch is about to be

MVGeneral694d ago (Edited 694d ago )

Ds is not a console. And he just said he couldn't understand why it needed 2 screens. Didn't say it will not sell.

Good try tho.

Leeroyw695d ago

It doesn't seem to be a must buy in the first year. The wii u is the only Nintendo game system I haven't bought and this launch gives me very little reason to buy a switch as I have a ps4 pro, a vita, a smart phone and a tablet.
I get it that people love Zelda and Mario.
I do too. But not enough to be a convert before the system has even been released.

Muzikguy695d ago

The verdict is in. We can all go home now /s

Thomaticus695d ago

Behold! Pachter has spoken!

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The story is too old to be commented.